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Think! Is your vehicle checked regularly to ensure safety ?


Cooper Barnes is here to help with our own helpful hints and tips to make your car or van ever ready.




Oil levels need to be correct to ensure proper flow around the engine - too much can be just as bad for the engine as too little. Check your engine has the proper levels.


Coolant in the radiator system must have anti-freeze in order to prevent damage to your radiator, should the weather turn really nasty - and that's an expensive issue to fix! If during the summer months you've found yourself topping up the coolant reservoir with normal tap water you may need to add some anti-freeze. Note that coolant itself isn't just "water plus anti-freeze" - the coolant component of the fluid is specifically designed for the engine's cooling system, and you may find that the more water you add, the more likely your engine will overheat!


Windscreen wash must be added to the reservoir, rather than just plain water. This will lower the freezing point of the liquid and prevent it freezing in the pipes. If you've recently been topping up the reservoir with tap water consider adding some windscreen wash and flushing it through the pipes.


Mr. A from Gt Wilbraham says: "I brought my vehicle into Cooper Barnes because the water in the hose leading to the rear window had frozen, causing a split. Since this hose travels in the roof lining the first I learned of this was when I tried to wash the rear window, and instead gave the kids sat in the back seat a shower! I later learned it was because I'd filled the washer bottle with water in summer and neglected to flush it out with windscreen wash before winter."


Book a fluids check at Cooper Barnes today.



Aircon? Yes, that's right! Your air conditioning needs to be kept in tip-top condition, as running it (with the temperature selection turned up, of course!) will keep your windows demisted and prevent water getting into the system causing corrosion and cooling problems in Summer next year. Book an aircon recharge at Cooper Barnes today.


Headlamps, sidelights, brake lights and Indicators

As visibility reduces especially at nights, mist, fog and nasty weather you need to ensure that you can see the road up ahead and other vehicles can see you. Check all your bulbs (including the fog lamps), and check that all covers and lenses are not misted over with dust and grime. Book a headlamp refurbishment today.




Tyres are legal with only 1.6mm of tread; even with a manufacturers recommended depth of 3mm your road grip may not be enough to prevent an accident in wet, leafy, frosty and certainly not in icy conditions. So replace your tyres! Even general purpose tyres with a decent tread depth will help. This should be considered the bare minimum of actions though:


Wheel Alignment

Ensure your vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned, that means all four wheels not just the front two; excessive and unnecessary tyre wear can occur and safety affected if you don’t.   
The Essential Service. annually or every 12-15000 miles.

A four a wheel alignment check should be part of any responsible servicing procedure.

90% of cars on the road suffer from some sort of mis-alignment.

It costs YOU excessive tyre wear, increase in fuel consumption and reduces your carbon footprint.

Click on the link below to have wheel alignment explained:

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How Cooper Barnes can help

We provide specialist impartial advice on car maintenance and care. When you come to Cooper Barnes your safety and your vehicles longevity is our top priority, not making an unnecessary sale. If you would like to speak to us about any of the above Winter checks, or book your car in for a full annual check please contact us today.