Cooper Barnes

2 The Grip
Hadstock Road
Cambridgeshire CB21 4XN

01223 880603


Opening times

Monday:       08.30 to 17.00

Tuesday:       08.30 to 17.00

Wednesday: 08.30 to 17.00

Thursday:     08.30 to 17.00

Friday:           08.30 to 17.00

Saturday:      09.00 to 12.00

Offer of the Month: Free complete tyre health check

You trust in your car for our safety, but are you putting enough thought into the critical role tyres play?


The area of contact between the tyre and road is the size of your hand, and we rely on 4 of these to keep us on the road when turning through all manner of terrain. Rain, grit, dirt or oil it will significantly alter the gripping power of the tyres if they are not in optimal health.


Stresses on the tyre during turning can also turn any small defect into a big problem. No one wants their tyre to fail at 70 MPH, but it can and does happen.


Our tyre health check covers all aspects of tyre health - this is not just a tread depth check. We include pressure checks, defect checks, cracking or perishing and a full analysis of the health of the tread.


After examination we will provide you with our recommendations with no obligation. It's one of the many ways in which we look after your car, so that it can look after you. To take up this free offer please call us before the end of May 2015 on 01223 880603; we're happy to help.