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June 2015: Free Fluid Level and Safety Check

Preventative maintenance will cost you less in the long term over the life of your car. We often see vehicles come through for service or MOT with incorrect fluid levels and this can be very damaging to the health of the engine in your car.


Come in to Cooper Barnes now for a free safety check on your cars fluids. This is free of charge, and if adjustments do need to be made we would happy to offer this as a follow on service, but with no obligation.


Too little oil?

Did you know that the oil light on your vehicle may not come until after the oil level is sufficiently low that the health of the vehicle is being damaged? Without a proper flow of oil through the engine the parts will wear faster and eventually lead to permanent damage that would be very costly to repair.


Too much oil?

Many people believe that putting a bit extra in is fine - however too much oil can be as bad for the engine as too little!


Steering fluids and coolant

Equally important in the proper operation of the vehicle, these will only cause damage if not properly checked and serviced.


How to Check

It's important to note manufacturer's guidelines when checking fluids. At Cooper Barnes we always follow manufacturer's guidelines and strive to meet their standards to ensure that the health of your vehicle is kept in check and the life of the engine maximised.


Good maintenance will prevent breakdown - call us now on 01223 880603; we'd be happy to help!