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August 2015: Discounted Aircon Check and Recharge

Are you feeling the heat? All aircon systems in cars lose gas over time, and the first you'll know about it is when your car is no longer a sanctuary from the heat, but a sweatbox when it's sunny, even if it's mild outside! If the system looses too much gas then you might not even be able to switch the air conditioning on!


As the weather warms up through Summer Robert J Barnes has the solution: a discount on aircon check and recharge. We will give you 10% off when you book your car in, quoting this offer, before the end of August - that's a lower price of £45 all in (incl VAT)!


Did you know we provide convenience services, such as collect and deliver, courtesy cars and onward travel options? Just ask for details when you call.


Don't wait for the weather to make driving unbearable - call us now on 01223 880603; we'd be happy to help!